Novelty. Proximity. Value.

shutterstock_1052476652 Turaida Castle, Gauja National Park by (2) 1860_Vormsi Lighthouse_Renee Altrov

Why Baltics?
The Baltics combine excellent event infrastructure, original activities and the sense of novelty as yet unknown destination.

Yes, but every destination has got all this…imageedit_1_2556486225
That’s true. Yet the Baltics offer a great value for money and everyone seems to understand you. We have over 500 event venues, free wi-fi and everything seems to be walking distance.

Any special perks?
Beautiful architecture. Clean air. Light traffic. Free WiFi. Friendly people. Fluent English.

And the food?
It’s not all about the potato, though it’s delicious here. Wild salmon, organic beef and lamb, rye bread, cottage cheese, honey, chanterelles, and blueberries. Plus over 500 beer varieties and merry bitters.

How do I get there?
Part of EU and Schengen, the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) can be reached via 9 airports (over 100 direct routes from Europe, the Middle East and US), 5 seaports and overland. It takes around 2 hours to get here from London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Zurich, Frankfurt or Paris.

imageedit_3_4329462199Tell me more!
The Baltic States have a population of 6 million. Situated on the Eastern coast of the Baltic Sea they are halfway between Berlin and Moscow. The climate is mild making it an all-year-round destination. Even a harsh winter can be fun here with snowmobile safari, sauna and ice fishing. Apart from beautiful nature with endless forests and scattered lakes it is home to 3 UNESCO heritage cities with charming old towns. A perfect city trio – Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn give a great choice of style, facilities and activities for your next event. Some take all three at once, e.g. breakfast in Vilnius, lunch in Riga, dinner in Tallinn. All in all, it takes only 15 minutes to get downtown from each airport.

“Baltics have this great combination of small yet beautiful cities, surprisingly good food and value for money. I’m eager to come back for more!”